Place Based Strategic Modeling

Place based strategies and community-oriented programs rely upon critical stakeholders devoting limited resources towards a common vision. This requires strategies and tactics for outreach, engagement, coalition building, and assessments to ensure desired outcomes are achieved. Environmental scans, and stakeholder analyses provide the critical foundation for these efforts. Our Outreach and Engagement Consultants and/or Liaisons perform these analyses to establish an intimate knowledge and understanding of the community landscape. We devise engagement strategies with outcome-based measurement frameworks to manage progress against engagement goals and evaluate impact. Employing these strategies, we provide facilitation and support to engagements and events which promote program goals.

Our Outreach and Engagement Consultants can help clients:

  • Identify and appeal to key community leaders for input and support
  • Promote program awareness and build coalitions across public, private, and not-for-profit organizations
  • Solicit feedback from critical stakeholders through focus groups, surveys, and forums to facilitate communication and generate buy-in