DolJenn provides and implements customized Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, (DE&I), strategies and solutions.  We support your transformation by helping employees at all levels understand how DE&I factors into their day-to-day responsibilities, decision making, problem solving, development opportunities and business growth.  Our consultants believe that engaging the entire workforce, in all its diverseness, regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, or any factor that may make an employee feel excluded, maximizes performance and speeds innovation.  Our methodologies help attract and retain talent with diverse perspectives and experiences. 

We help you to design and implement an inclusive framework for DE&I aligned to your organizational values and priorities. Our approach connects efforts across the organization creating a shared purpose.  We leverage your current state assessment, mapped to your future state objectives to understand the gaps that may prevent you from meeting your DE&I goals.  We leverage our continuous improvement methodologies and data analytics to identify root causes of the gaps that prevent you from reaching your vision.  We rely on our performance measurement capabilities to monitor improvements in your progress and to determine employee engagement and retention. We create executive dashboards to drive accountability for DE&I at the executive level.  Communicating your intent is a critical success factor to building an inclusive culture.  We can help you develop a communications plan for your organization to align all stakeholders on effective messaging and calls to action.  We provide leadership coaching that helps sustain DE&I progress and results in heightened individual awareness, increased job satisfaction, and improved working relationships.

We work collaboratively with our DE&I trusted partner, Brightworks Consulting, to enhance our consulting value proposition and offer our capabilities at scale.  A summary of our DE&I offerings include:

  • Strategy Creation
  • Culture Transformation and Employee Engagement
  • Data driven assessments
  • DE&I Performance Measures
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Infrastructure
  • Policy Formulation, Equity Practices and Programs
  • Talent Strategy and Workforce Planning
  • Roundtable and Focus Group Facilitation with Action Planning and Prioritization
  • Leadership Training, Mentoring and Coaching
  • DE&I Communication Strategies